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Business Meeting

Change yourself


Career Counselling

Personal Development


Zuzana Poprendova

Policy Manager at the UK Department of Health and Social Care

"I have found the recommendations on how to strengthen my leadership skills and Peter’s interpretation of the test results very useful and this has helped me to achieve the goals which I set out in my development plan. What is more, due to my newly acquired skills, I have been offered a permanent position in the department."

Working Together

Change your company

Talent Acquisition

Talent Development

Training & Leadership Development

Karol Gurka
Manager at Kempinski Hotels

"As I improved my leadership skills and enhanced my understanding of inter- and intra personal behaviour for the new position, I gained more recognition from colleagues."


Change our society

Guest Speaker

Public Speaking

TV Debates 

Writing and Publishing

Michal Nemeth
Sales and Business Development Manager at Lyoness

"Peter was a great speaker and coach who helped me to develop my communication and interpersonal skills. He taught me how to facilitate discussion and negotiate with people, be more assertive." 

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