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"Peter has used specific and problematic situations that participants often face at work." 


Adela Makovinska, Founder and CEO at VAM Consulting

"Peter’s knowledge and skills have helped all participants to understand their personality better."

Vojtech Dul, Founder and CEO at Generativ

"We were satisfied with your presentation. You've provided us with the expert knowledge and plenty of interesting examples."

Ingrid Sramkova, Director of Department of Information and Publicity, Government Office of the Slovak Republic

"His attitude to work and his genuine interest in other people sets him apart and makes him invaluable."

Jasmine May Murray, Founder and CEO at JMA Psychology

"Within a short period of time Peter began to achieve outstanding results, especially in the area of coaching and development of new employees."

Marcel Nemec, Actor, Singer, and Entrepreneur, CEO at Moonlight Camp

"I feel that Peter helped me to better understand myself and accept and appreciate who I am."


Andrea Gulova, Project Manager and Freelancer at Gulaverse

"This [a questionnaire] gave me an opportunity to be self-reflective over my achievements over the past year. I discussed the results with Peter in order to make plans for the year ahead." 

Jarek Turon, Founder and CEO at BIG FOOD EUROPE

"Peter's book enriches me with a practical knowledge that can be used in day to day communication." 



Miroslav Suchter, TA3 Presenter